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International Economics


Empirical international economics asks a range of questions of how international markets work.  My work focuses on some of the outstanding questions that have permeated international economics and uses novel datasets to help answer questions that play key roles in policy formation.

Journal Articles

Robertson, Raymond; Kumar, Anil; Dutkowsky, Donald (2014) “Weak-Form and Strong-Form Purchasing Power Parity between the US and Mexico:  A Panel Cointegration Investigation” Journal of Macroeconomics, 42 (December): 241-262.


Hanson, Gordon, and Robertson, Raymond (2010) “China and the Manufacturing Exports of Other Developing Countries” in Feenstra, Robert and Shang-Jin Wei (Eds.) China's Growing Role in World Trade, National Bureau of Economic Research. Also NBER Working Paper 14497.

Robertson, Raymond; Estevadeordal, Antoni (2009) “Asymmetric Tariffs and Multilateral Resistance”, Cuadernos de Economia Latin American Journal of Economics, May, 46(133): 3-31.

Robertson, Raymond (2004) “Relative Prices and Wage Inequality: Evidence from Mexico” Journal of International Economics, December 64(2): 387-409.


Lopez-Acevedo, Gladys and Raymond Robertson (eds.) (2012) Sewing Success?  Employment, Wages, and Poverty Following the End of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.


Robertson, Raymond; Drusilla Brown; Gaëlle Pierre; and Laura Sanchez-Puerta (eds.) (2009) Globalization,

Wages, and the Quality of Jobs Five Country Studies, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

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